Thailand’s Department of National Parks reported Saturday that it has closed the access road to Kaeng Krachan National Park’s Pa La-U Waterfall.

In the DNP alert officials said the access road to the waterfall was impassable due to heavy rain at the weekend.

Kaeng Krachan National Park is the largest national park in Thailand covering an area of mountain ranges on the border with Myanmar.


The Department of National Parks confirmed in its latest alert that flash floods and heavy rain had caused water levels at Pa La-U Waterfall to rise to make visits risky.

During the monsoon season, tourists who intend to visit national park should check in advance with rangers as many waterfalls and caves particularly in South Thailand could be closed or are risky due to the threat of flash flood.

In another report posted on Facebook, the department claimed there is now strong evidence that wildlife in the famous park is returning after decades of measuring declines in the wildlife population.

“Animals making a comeback a sign that the park will regain an abundance of wildlife in the future, ” the Facebook report claimed.

“There are signs in the Upper Kaeng Krachan Forest, connecting to Kaeng Krachan National Park River Phachi Wildlife Sanctuary, Chaloem Phra Kiat Thai Prachan National Park that the forest recovering and the animals are coming back.”

Last week in Phang Nga South Thailand, heavy rains caused the closure of Lumpi and Tonprai waterfalls in Phang Nga due to the risk of flash floods. The two waterfalls have since reopened.

Weather forecasts continue to warn residents in South Thailand to be prepared for heavy rainstorms and possible flooding this week.

Tourists should be aware that the safety situation in national parks near rivers, waterfalls and caves could change quickly and without warning during the monsoon season.

Cave visits are particularly risky due to the threat of flash flooding. Tourists are warned to resist the temptation to explore caves during the rainy season.