As an alternative to a real ‘hands on’ massage, mechanical massage chairs can often be found in almost every mall.

They help relax and release some muscle pain as a cheap and fast alternative to having a real massge is a mechanical massage chair. Massage chairs can be found in malls with prices as cheap as 10 THB per message.

Because these electric massage chairs are placed in public spaces, they can often be overused or overlooked without the proper mechanical care and check-ups that they require.

In this case, a man came very close to death from a massage chair in the (unnamed)mall. The man was tired of walking and saw the massage chair. Because of the convenience, he decided to have a short massage in the electric massage chair.

The man became so relaxed that he started to close his eyes, but then suddenly the rollers in the chair pulled him in. Before he knew, his head and neck were trapped inside the electric massage chair. The chair did not have a safety system and the rollers kept on moving, the man was being strangled. He couldn’t breathe and no matter how much he struggles, he couldn’t get out.

Passersby in the mall saw what was happening and rushed in to help him. At first, one person tried to pull him out, but the machine was too strong. Other good citizens came rushing in and together grabbed onto the man and successfully pulled him out. The man had no air and fainted, but luckily he was still breathing.