A COCONUT BANGKOK report has described the death of a man within seconds of guzzling a large pint of beer at a company drinking contest, a video shows a man collapsing face-first onto the floor before horrified coworkers and friends.

Footage of the drinking game, which indicates it was shot at the Regent Cha-am Beach Resort, prompted an investigation today by health officials, who said speculation that he died of alcohol poisoning was premature until a forensic examination was completed.

“Yes, he immediately died after drinking alcohol, but there are so many possible contributing factors that we cannot even say that alcohol caused it right now. We have to see if the victim was allergic to anything, whether he had any underlying conditions or was drinking on an empty stomach and things like that,” said Somsak Laikabohk of the provincial Disease Control DepartmentTThe video, reported to be from Saturday night’s deadly drinking contest in Cha-Am shows party guests, including the unidentified victim, lined up in front of a stage to see who can finish their beer the fastest.

After the host exhorts them to “raise your glasses when you’re done” and counts down to zero, participants begin pouring beer down their throats.

It takes the victim a little over 30 seconds to finish, after which he raises his glass in triumph, only to collapse forward seconds later. The video cuts off there.

“Then he went into a seizure, and beer started coming out of his nose and mouth,” according to a Twitter user, who claimed to have witnessed the incident. 

The message said that by the time ambulances arrived to the party, the man’s heart had stopped beating.

There’s no indication of how much the man had to drink prior to his final, fatal glass.

Somsak, the local disease control official, said autopsy results would be shared with the public once they were available. He said doctors hoped to conclude their findings by the end of Tuesday, after which the man’s body would be transported north to his family for a funeral. 

Editor’s Comment:

The Royal Coast Review has considered the Coconuts Bangkok video before posting this edited report. Similar reports have also been broadcast on national television news.

Although the video appears to confirm the circumstances described, we advise some caution in accepting the details. We have also not shown the deceased person by deleting that section of the featured picture.