Blúport Charity Market

Blúport is organizing a Charity Market with a variety of activities with a portion of the income going to a charity; the Sawang Hua Hin Foundation.

The market will feature second hand items for sale at very affordable price. There are many activities during the event including:

– DJs and famous actors such as James Kijkasem, DJ Teith Thanathai and DJ Dai Sethisit

– Performing artists from The Stars TV Show, including Toon Body Slam, Add Carabao, Jazz

Chuan Chuen, Palmy, Bird-Thongchai and Tik Chiro.

– Blood donation activities from the Thai Red Cross Society.

– Charity Hug activity from the hottest boys

– Live music performances.

Everyone is invited to shop, taste, chill and to make merit in return to improve Hua Hin as a sharing society.  Meet at the Blúport Portwalk (basement) between July 13-15, from 10.00-19.00 hrs.