Beware of Monitor Lizards Asleep Under Your Car Hood

Those who have lived in Thailand for a while will know monitor lizards are pretty common in the country. They can be seen in the park and in Universities or anywhere near a pond.

Beware of Monitor Lizards Asleep Under Your Car Hood

Most of the times the monitor lizards are harmless and will walk away when a human comes by. Like any other lizards, the monitor lizard is cold-blooded, meaning that they cannot control their own body temperature and seek warmth from the sun.Thailand is currently in the rainy season with some areas facing days of raining during the night and day. Usually, these monitor lizards will find a warm spot to hide in, but it is not uncommon for lizards and snakes to enter human spaces trying to find shelter from the cold.

A case took place this month, when a monitor lizard entered the home of Kittipong 50-year-old living in the city of Samut Songkhram Province.

The local rescue team was notified of a monitor lizard hiding in the hood of a while Isuzu car. When the team arrived they slowly lifted the hood of the car up and found the monitor lizard laying on the motor of the car.

Although the lizard is not venomous, the saliva of the creature has millions of bacteria living that can lead to bacterial infection of the bite. A monitor lizard can also damage the electrical system of the car under the hood.

One of the officers in the rescue team grabbed onto the head of the lizard, but it quickly got loose and went deeper into the hood. The team then went under the car to push the lizard back up. The lizard then suddenly jumped out of the car hood and was on its way into a nearby water drain. 

Kittipong later explained that the lizard came into his home probably looking for a hot spot to hide in, but then his dog started barking at the lizard, this scared the lizard and made it crawl into the car.