Anger and Law Suit Follow Korean Production Company Over Giant Clam Catch

Korean viewers are reported to be angry and dismayed upon learning that the production crew and cast of the South Korean SBS Television show “Law of the Jungle” had allegedly caught protected giant clams while filming in Thailand.

Actress Lee Yeol-eum cheered as she caught the three giant shellfish in a Thai national marine park.  Participants in the show then ate the clams in an episode that aired on June 30.

Viewers expressed anger with the production company and the actress. Some called for an end to the show. Some said it was not Lee Yeol Eum’s fault and the producer should be held responsible because it is the producer’s job to know about all related laws and regulations in countries in which they film the show.

A viewer asked that the company to take full responsibility, calling the incident “very disgraceful” adding that the program “must stop now.”

Meanwhile, the Department of National parks, Wildlife and Plant Conservation (DNP) released a statement on its Facebook page on Monday (July 8th) to confirm that the production crew did not have the correct permits to film at some locations and legal steps are being taken.

After a review of the images, Hat Chao Mai national park deemed the action to be in breach of the National Parks Act B.E. 2504 Article 16 (3) and Wildlife Preservation and Protection Act B.E. 2535, which prohibits the obtaining of conserved or protected animals.  The Act specifies the giant clam as protected marine animal.

The park has filed a law suit against the production company at Kantang Police Station in Trang.