Golf legend ‘Tiger’ Woods is currently enjoying a holiday in Thailand with his family including his two children Sam and Charlie accompanied by his new girlfriend Erica Herman.

The American, whose mother is Thai, won his 81st tournament and 15th major in April when he scooped the US Masters, his first major in eleven years since winning the US Open in 2008.

In Bangkok last Tuesday, the family parties were spotted wearing yellow T shirts with Woods wearing sunglasses and his peaked cap on back to front. The sports star, one the highest earning stars in sport, looked very much at ease. It is understood that Tiger, the son of an American Thai couple, plans to focus on his two children over the summer as they are off school.

Only last weekend at Pebble Beach, the US golfer hinted at his plans to get away for awhile. On Sunday, he told reporters: ‘I think I’m going to take a little bit of time off and enjoy some family time.’

Rumour has it that Hua Hin, Chiang Mai, Chumphon and Phuket were on the travel schedule.

It is not known if Tiger’s mother, Kultida Woods, formerly Kultida Punsawad, is accompanying him on his trip to the kingdom. Kultida is 75 years of age and hails from Thailand’s Kanchanaburi province.

The Thai woman is thought to have passed on many Thai traditional principles to her famous and well loved son. She is also highly respected in Thailand where she financially supports schools and homes for children. Tiger’s mom is known as Tida to those who know her.

Tida met Tiger’s US father in 1966 while he was serving with the US military in the kingdom. Earl is reported to have met Kultida at the United States Army office in Bangkok where she worked. Tiger’s father was a highly educated and decorated army officer, rising to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel.

Tiger Woods whose real name is Eldrick, is named after a friendship formed by Earl with an officer in the Southern Vietnamese Army whose nickname was ‘Tiger’.

The US Thai couple married in 1969 in Brooklyn New York, one year after the Thai woman emigrated with her US fiancé, to the United States.

As a boy, his mother Tida brought him on regular trips to Thailand to introduce him to Thai culture and tradition. One telling Thai influence that many people might not have noticed is that Woods often wears red in the final rounds. This comes from his mother as traditionally red is considered a colour that is a harbinger of good fortune.