Two companies have announced their cooperation to build the first vertiport in Singapore for air taxis.

UK based vertiport owner and operator Skyports and air taxi pioneer Volocopter have unveiled plans for the Volo-Port – the physical landing pads for so-called eVTOL (electric take-off and landing)  vehicles.  

Ground-based vertiport infrastructure is critical to the success of future urban air mobility (UAM) for air taxi operations in congested cities.

Construction of the first Volo-Port will be completed later this year. The partners plan to build it in Singapore for scheduled public flight trials in the second half of 2019.  

The Volo-Port prototype will enable real-life testing of the full customer journey to perfect the passenger experience;

showcasing planned customer services, including pre-flight checks, passenger lounges and boarding procedures;allow practical testing of ground operations and services, including battery swaps and charging, maintenance, safety and security;

The aim is to provide the opportunity for authorities and industry regulators to interact with the infrastructure and provide feedback before they are asked to approve the final design.

Vertiports are the only physical infrastructure required for air taxis to commence operations in cities in the near future. Volo-Ports are designed to provide passengers with a seamless air taxi experience that is safe, secure, and relaxing.  They aim to merge with their surroundings, allowing passengers and passers-by to see through the whole structure.