Thai Smartphone Users Deserting Huawei

There has been a drop in sales not only for Huawei as sales of smartphones in Thailand are now expected to decline by 4% this year despite a positive start.

Thai consumers are increasingly looking for value for money from smartphones as the lack of new technology means the devices have become an essential life tool as opposed to fashion accessory.

The consumer in Thailand is seeking a device with a lifespan of up 36 months whereas previously this was 18 to 24 months before the decline and fall off in sales of Apple’s iPhone began to impact.

Thailand’s smartphone industry is signalling change with a red light for future sales growth and a sharp decline in the sales of smartphones from the Chinese manufacturer Huawei. The US China trade war has opened up another dimension in the tech world.

Thai consumers, for now, are keeping faith with US technology and software. These are the same consumers who at the start of the year, were surging to buy Huawei’s popular P30 smartphone.

Many are now deserting the Chinese flagship brand including those seeking exchanges for smartphones already purchased at the beginning of the year. Increasingly demanding Thai consumers are also looking for a longer lifespan on models as existing technology is bedded into lifestyles after a sharp decline has also occurred in sales of Apple’s iPhone models.

Since the announcement from Google that it was restricting access of its Android platform to future Huawei products, there has been a sharp fall off in demand and even moves by many Thai consumers to switch models already purchased. It is the latest disruption in the US China trade war as it now threatens to open up a technological divide.

Chinese smartphone maker Huawei Technologies is fighting hard to maintain its market share as Thai consumers become increasingly nervous about buying the Chinese made phones.

The US government has blacklisted the company in the United States on security grounds and these measures have prompted Google to suspend the availability of their popular Android system to the Chinese tech giant on future models.