A Life Saving Rotary Project

Two years ago the Rotary Club of Royal Hua Hin embarked on a project to have produced and sell ‘aspirin capsules’.  This is a small container for a single aspirin that can be put onto a key ring to be used in the event of a possible heart attack.

Past President Dougie Riach, from the Rotary Club of Bangkok South, recently attended an Inter Club evening.  Dougie began to feel tired, but put it down to enjoyment and great company, along with the four hour drive down from Bangkok.

When he awoke on Saturday, he just did not feel well with the feeling of tightness and still very tired.  He decided to drive back to Bangkok; understandably he just wanted to get home.  The drive again took around 4 hours and when he finally did get back he immediately slept for another three hours.

On Sunday Dougie awoke about 9 AM feeling really cold and sweating.  He again thought a lie down was needed, but that did no good and so he started walking with his wife to the local chemist 10 minutes away, but stumbled on some steps and felt a pain in his chest.  He says this was a scary moment and decided that a hospital visit was now a must.

Dougie recalled the aspirin capsule he had on him, and now suspecting something more serious, took the aspirin.  Following a harrowing trip on a busy BTS he arrived at the hospital, the doctor took one look at him, put him on a wheelchair and 10 minutes later the operating theatre! 

The doctor asked if Dougie had taken any medication, and he told him about the aspirin.  The doctor confirmed that is what gave him the extra 45 minutes to get help and may well have saved his life.

He is still having regular check-ups and is on daily medication, but is well on the way to recovery, and keeps supporting Rotary where possible. 

Dougie said “My heartfelt thanks to the board and members of RC Royal Hua Hin, for the wonderful Aspirin Capsule project, and one such project ALL Rotary clubs could undertake. A huge thank you to RCRHH”.