A 66 year old man has been arrested after being found with gold jewelry stolen from a female passenger on a train near Hua Hin. 

Mr. Thaddech Samran or Yad Ton Muang, a resident of Muang District of Phetchaburi Province was arrested after local police investigated the theft on the southern railway.

It is alleged that the arrested man had stolen a necklace and handbag and then had taken the necklace to sell at a gold shop in Hua Hin receiving 18,000 THB.

The accused confessed that he had boarded the train wearing a camouflage hat and chose his victim who was an elderly woman.  It was late at night when he snatched the jewelry and hand bag before jumping from the moving train.

Previously, the accused had committed similar offences in recent months and had been imprisoned three times in the past.

Investigating officers have suggested that all previous victims identify themselves at Muang Prachuap Khiri Khan Police Station.