There’s been some furore over recent pictures showing pit bulls ‘performing’ at Market Village Hua Hin.  The show included these very muscular dogs straining to pull a weighted sledge.  This has become an annual event staged under the auspices of the Thailand Pit Bull Kennel Club.

Some people would say there’s a big difference between training domestic animals compared to wild animals.  For example oxen, buffalo, camels and other ‘beast of burden’ have been carrying us and pulling our wagons for many centuries.  We’ve also seen dogs trained to carry out tasks including drug and mine detection, police and other security tasks and sheep herding apart from those beloved seeing dogs for the blind.

On the other hand tiger, elephant or any other wild animal performances to amuse tourists are no longer acceptable.  Evidence of drugging tigers to allow visitors to get up close and personal and the mistreatment of elephants before an elephant polo event has seen to that.

However when it comes to entertainment involving domestic animals, there’s little consensus about what’s OK. Some are absolutely opposed to horse and dog racing and the horsey version of polo; but these events attract spectators by the thousands.

Here’s a sample of recent social media comments from those who clearly didn’t approve of the Pit Bull Show; what do you think?

  • Does that dog want to be doing that? Of course it doesn’t. That’s why it is a big deal. Trained for human entertainment only.
  • This is so so wrong t is ****ing horrible. 
  • Is it no wonder that Pit Bulls can get a bad reputation, when they are treated in this manner?
  • Bloody outrageous. I wonder how the poor dog was ‘trained’ to pull that weight. 
  • That is just appalling. Why would you do this???? 
  • It’s not hard to see why we have to rescue animals when we live in a world where it’s still ok to treat them… well worse than you would a motorised vehicle for God’s sake.
  • Dog shows are fine, but this is just crap. I’ve seen people show off how well their dogs can kill other animals. This is why people think pit bulls are bad dogs 
  • As for the Bully shows, they are pure crap. Forcing dogs to over exert themselves; not to mention a lot of them breed the dogs in such a way they are deformed.